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Dear Reader (now that you've gotten this far) you are entering the world of the Kitchen Witch where we brew up culinary spice blends to free your fancies and tickle your tummy; carry on with your adventure into the wonderland of taste and the ease of procuring cooking magic.
 First of all, you do not have to "Log in" or set a password unless, as a returning purchaser you wish to.
Second: if you wish to purcase spices, all you have to do is click on the 'Spice Blend' button (above the "log in ' button and whoosh! you're on a purchase spices page.
 Our packaging will hold up to twelve packets (and that's crowding them); if you wish to order more than that (and we certainly hope that you will) we are forced to break up the shipment into two (or more) flat rate envelopes or either a flat rate box. We would really like to pick up the difference in shipping but our landlord counts on us to be realistic in our business dealings; don't worry we can add it to your bill ourselves and save you trouble. 
Fourthly: Those business cards that are in each packet are 'peel and stick' type (which are neither 'peeled' or 'stuck' saving you the trouble of labeling your favorite containers with our spice blends within.
Fifthly: if you wish to purchase something other than spices (i.e. books, extracts, artwork etc.) you'll need to contact the shop directly; at this time, our inventory in those things is too fluid to control.Alright Pilgrim, as John Wayne would say "Have at it!"

Thank you and welcome. Debbie and Philipe
1452 N. Broad St. ste C
New Orleans, La. 70119